Calendar of Festivals dance opportunity released

Posted on: 04/05/2022

Introducing… Calendar of Festivals

“During the last two years, through lockdowns and the pandemic, we’ve found new ways at Magpie Dance to stay connected and most importantly – keep dancing!  We’re delighted to share everything we’ve learnt with more people and are thrilled to launch our new project – Calendar of Festivals.”

What is Calendar of Festivals?

Calendar of Festivals is a FREE online inclusive participatory dance opportunity for all ages, all abilities and no previous dance experience is needed. Whether you’re dancing at home on your own, with friends in school, clubs and day centres or as a group with the people you live with – everyone can get involved.

Magpie Dance facilitators Ella and Georgia show you the moves to copy and use Makaton, Widgits and videos to help you develop your own ideas. Each film lasts around 30 minutes long and you can stop and rewind at any point if you want to try something again. All videos have live music played by Simon on drums and each festival has an optional EasyRead resource pack available to download.

Each month, a new video will be released on the Magpie Dance YouTube channel. As you travel around the world, you’ll learn dance movements performed at different international festivals and you can share your ideas by creating your own sequences.

You can even film yourself dancing and send it to us to be included in a film we’ll be making at the end of the project! 

How can you take part?

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