Upcoming holiday schools

Four full days of fun dancing with live music, made to suit all abilities – and no previous dance experience necessary!

Exploring creative movement and related arts in a supportive, safe and stimulating atmosphere, with breaks between each task. Activities are explained clearly and cater for individual needs. Accompanied by live music from either a professional pianist or drummer, participants are supported to contribute ideas and take part in decision making.

It’s a great chance to have fun, learn new skills and make friends - regardless of ability.

Facilitated by the same team of dance professionals and volunteers who have been key to the popularity and success of Magpie’s weekly sessions. They are first aiders and have enhanced DBS’; as well as extensive experience of working with people with learning disabilities and highly successful careers as professional dancers, choreographers and teachers.

Juniors (8-15 years) Summer School

Dates: Monday 22nd August – Thursday 25th August
Times: 10.30am – 3pm each day
Venue: The Chapel, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Rd, Bromley BR1 1RY
Cost: £25per day
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The sessions are facilitated by Katharine le Roux and Georgia Poole and assisted by Hazel McCarthy, with Peter on the drums. 

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Youth (16 – 25 years) Summer School

Dates: Monday 22nd August – Thursday 25th August
Times: 10.30am – 3pm each day
Venue: Bromley Baptist Church, Park Road, BR1 3HJ
Cost: £25 per day
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The sessions are facilitated by Annie Waller, with Hans on the drums. 

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Adults (aged 18+) Summer School

Dates: Monday 22nd August – Thursday 25th August
Times: 10.30am – 3pm each day
Venue: Elmsteadwood Primary School, Castlecombe road, Mottingham, SE9 4AT
Cost: £25 per day (special offer for Mottingham residents* £10 per day**)

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The sessions are facilitated by Ella Fleetwood and assisted by Adele Best, with Simon on the drums. 

*Adult participants must live in one of the following postcodes to qualify for a discount: BR7 5EN, BR7 5XS, BR7 6ED, BR7 6EH, SE9 4AA, SE9 4AB, SE9 4AE, SE9 4AF, SE9 4AG, SE9 4AH, SE9 4AJ, SE9 4AL, SE9 4AN, SE9 4AP, SE9 4AQ, SE9 4AR, SE9 4AS, SE9 4AT, SE9 4AU, SE9 4AW, SE9 4AX, SE9 4AZ, SE9 4BD, SE9 4BE, SE9 4BG, SE9 4BH, SE9 4BJ, SE9 4BL, SE9 4BN, SE9 4BP, SE9 4BQ, SE9 4BS, SE9 4BW, SE9 4DB, SE9 4DD, SE9 4DE, SE9 4DF, SE9 4DX, SE9 4DY, SE9 4DZ, SE9 4EA, SE9 4EB, SE9 4ED, SE9 4EE, SE9 4EF, SE9 4EG, SE9 4EH, SE9 4EQ, SE9 4HH, SE9 4HJ, SE9 4HL, SE9 4HN, SE9 4HP, SE9 4HQ, SE9 4HR, SE9 4HS, SE9 4HT, SE9 4HU, SE9 4HW, SE9 4HY, SE9 4JD, SE9 4JP, SE9 4JR, SE9 4JS, SE9 4JT, SE9 4JU, SE9 4JW, SE9 4JX, SE9 4JY, SE9 4JZ, SE9 4LA, SE9 4LB, SE9 4LD, SE9 4LE, SE9 4LF, SE9 4LL, SE9 4LN, SE9 4LP, SE9 4LR, SE9 4LS, SE9 4LT, SE9 4LU, SE9 4LW, SE9 4LX, SE9 4LZ, SE9 4NA, SE9 4NB, SE9 4ND, SE9 4NE, SE9 4NF, SE9 4NG, SE9 4NQ, SE9 4SU, SE9 4SZ, SE9 4TA, SE9 4TE 
**This offer is for Adult participants (18+) attending the Adult Summer School in Mottingham ONLY. 

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